The Global Health Impact team would like to thank all of the people and organizations that have contributed to the project.

We are especially thankful for discussions about the project at Binghamton University, Cornell University, University of Pittsburgh, The Franco-Swedish Program in Philosophy and Economics, Goethe University, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, United Nations’ World Institute for Development Economics Research, University of Salzburg, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Duke University, and Academics Stand Against Poverty.

We are also especially grateful for support Binghamton University’s Citizenship, Rights, and Cultural Belonging Grants Program, Interdisciplinary Collaboration Grants Program, Poverty and Inequality Transdisciplinary Working Group Grants Program, DeFleur International Innovation Fund, and Harpur Dean’s Award; and the Berkman and Falk Foundations at Carnegie Mellon University.

We would also like to thank the WHO and the WHO TB Supranational Reference Laboratory Network (SRLN) for their contribution of data to our indexes.

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