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Here's a sneak peek into some of my recently funded research. I wrote about on hope and the virtue of creative resolve as a residential fellow at Cornell on the Hope & Optimism project in 2016-2017 and the minimally good life with the Happiness and Well-Being project in 2017-2018.

Hope & the Virtue of Creative Resolve      The Minimally Good Life

Check out the Data on Women in Philosophy Project!

It is well established that women are under-represented in philosophy at all levels. This site provides new data on the representation of women in the profession and offers some analysis of the problem as well as resources for making things better for everyone. How is your school doing? Article can be found here.

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Check out the symposium on Globalization and Global Justice in Analysis

The symposium includes contributions from critics Gillian Brock, Fernando Teson, and Miriam Ronzoni. Find the introduction here. Find the reply to critics here. You can find the New Books in Philosophy interview here and reviews in Ethics and Philosophical Review (amongst other places). There is also a review essay by Kok-Chor Tan here. Articles on the book now appear in a special issue of Public Affairs Quarterly.


The Problem of Debt for Nature Swaps from a Human Rights Perspective

At first blush, debt-for-nature swaps seem to provide win-win solutions to the looming problems of environmental degradation and extreme poverty. So, one might naturally assume that they are morally permissible, if not obligatory. This article argues, however, that debt-for-nature swaps are sometimes morally questionable, if not morally impermissible.

Debt for Nature


Consumption and Social Change

Recently, several authors have argued that consumption to bring about social change must be democratic. Others maintain that we may consume in ways that we believe promote positive change. This paper rejects both accounts and provides a new alternative.