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COMPANY: Artepharm


Total Impact Score: 14.16

Artepharm is ranked 20th place in our index for 2015. Artepharm’s drugs have a total impact score of 14.16. Artepharm treats one disease in our model - P. falc malaria - with one drug - Artemisinin + Piperaquine (ART + PPQ). Artepharm receives credit for one treatment against P. falc malaria - Artemisinin + Piperaquine (ART + PPQ). This one drug averted 15.16 of the total DALYS for P. falc malaria, which is 0.00006% of the worldwide DALYs that we estimate would have been lost due to P. falc malaria in 2015 in the absence of effective treatment. Artepharm’s drug portfolio placed it 7th in terms of total averted DALYs for P. falc malaria.

Company Score Breakdown:

Key Drugs


Artemisinin-Piperaquine (ART+PPQ) is an artemisinin-based combination therapy recommended by the WHO as one of the primary treatments for both uncomplicated and severe malaria. It is generally as safe and effective as AS+AQ though there is more evidence for its effectiveness in treating uncomplicated malaria in areas with chloroquine-resistant P. vivax. In 2006 Artepharm Global filed a patent on ART+PQ under the brandname Artequick®.

Company Information

Artepharm is a modern pharmaceutical company headquartered in Guangzhou, China and founded in 2005. It was jointly established by the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Guangdong New South Group, its parent company. The Guangdong New South Group, founded in 1994, has helped to save millions of lives in a joint artemisinin project centered in Africa. Artepharm, which is expanding to comprise the core of New South Group’s business, focuses on the production and research of antivirals, antimalarials, artemisinin and other herbal products. One of its major products is Artequick®. In the research and development sector, Artepharm has a resource institute which specializes in the production of Artemisia annua L.

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