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COMPANY: Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD


Total Impact Score: 9,063.44

Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD is ranked 16th place in our index for 2015. Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD’s drugs have a total impact score of 9,063.44. Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd treats one disease in our model - P. falc malaria - with one total drug - Artemether (AM). Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd receives credit for one treatment against P. falc malaria - Artemether (AM). This one drug averted 9,018.93 of the total DALYS for P. falc malaria, which is 0.04% of the worldwide DALYs that we estimate would have been lost due to P. falc malaria in 2015 in the absence of effective treatment. Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd’s drug portfolio placed it 4th in terms of total averted DALYs for P. falc malaria.

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Key Drugs


Artesunate (AS) is a water-soluble artemisinin derivative that can be prepared in oral, rectal, intramuscular, and intravenous forms. It is the most recommended treatment for malaria when used in combination therapy and as parenteral therapy to begin the treatment of severe malaria. Side effects include dizziness, abdominal pain and cardiac arrhythmias. A patent for Artesunate was issued to Guilin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd in 1986.

Artemether (AM)

Artemether (AM), an artemisinin derivative, is recommended by the WHO as an alternative to artesunate when artesunate is unavailable. Evidence suggests that artesunate is more effective than artemether when used as an intramuscular injection and in parenteral therapy, although artemether is preferred to quinine. It is a part of one of the primary treatment options for uncomplicated malaria when used in combination with lumefantrine. AM was first invented by Guilin in 1976.

Company Information

Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group, is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Shanghai, China and founded in 1958. They specialize in antimalarials, antibiotics, and generics, including Artesun® Arsuamoon® and Artecospe®. Since 2006, Guilin, the largest manufacturer of artemisinin globally, has provided over 100 million Artesunate to malaria endemic areas, saving approximately 20 million lives. Guilin has approximately 1,200 employees and had a revenue of $124 million in 2017.

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